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Hotels... [05 Dec 2005|10:28pm]

[ mood | cranky ]

Well, now, Caitlin is for sure changing to being in Ginga and Company's room, right? And I will be with Ellen (her rooms changed to now having 15 split between two rooms... that's the last update I have, anyway). That's all right, right...?

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It's almost that vomit-inducing time of year again... [27 Nov 2005|02:05pm]

[ mood | scared ]

Since things seem kind of disorganized this year (We need Rei!), I just thought I'd post something in here about Sakura-Con 2006 and, more importantly, cosplay. It might be nice to have a general idea of who's going, who needs a room, what people are wearing, etc. So... reply here. >.> That is, if anyone still checks this community.

P.S.: I've just popped my Slytherish-posting cherry. I feel so empty now. *emo*

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REMINDER [03 Apr 2005|04:13pm]

I NEED COSTUME PROFILES. ASAP. Even if your costume is not done, please write one up and send it to me. You can always edit it again after the convention. So please, PLEASE send costume profiles as soon as you possibly can. x_x Send them to burn9fires@yahoo.com and if you aren't sure what you need to turn in, check the costume page.

Also: I NEED DEPOSITES. *sigh* We set a deadline of March 20, and we all agreed to abide by our own deadline, and by March 20, I had one deposite. I now have a total of four deposites. GIVE ME YOUR MONEY. -_-

I think I'm done. Oh, and the website is doing pretty well. It all depends on whether or not I have a computer to use for the rest of the week. If not, then we won't have a website by con time. If I do, then there's a good chance it will be done. *nods*
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Cosplay Website [27 Mar 2005|01:14pm]

[ mood | productive ]

We are getting pretty close to a published website. The layout has pretty much been coded, and I'm now applying content. To take a look at the work-in-progress (meaning, there will be broken links, nonexistant images, funny colors, and other random things), go to this URL: www.chronic-deviation.org/test/layout.php. Since publishing is getting close, I'd like to ask everyone to please at least start working on Furuba costume profiles and to think about links, tips, and things to put on the "about us" page. And were we going to do business cards? For people that take pictures? I think that'd be really cool. ._.

A reminder to Mudge and Lexy: I need to have t-shirt orders for Mello and Madeline if they want them, and profiles for them too, if they'd like to be "official" members of the group (and they are welcome to join the craziness, last I knew).

A reminder to Kelly: I want a name for our mascot. His name will be the name of Chronic-Deviation.org Version 1.0.

Also, if anyone sees Kami at all, please remind her to send me a profile ASAP. I've already talked to her about it, so she knows about it and all, she just needs to be reminded.

Thanks, guys! (This is going to be an awesome year. ._.)

EDIT: The file format for the above link is now .php instead of .html. I'm broadening my coding horizons. Sorry for the frustration, if any.

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Photoshoot ~ Japanese Garden [08 Mar 2005|01:05pm]

[ mood | sick ]

I was looking around on Google and found this: http://www.ci.seattle.wa.us/parks/parkspaces/japanesegarden.htm

It looks like just what we're looking for. The site up there *points* has pictures, and it looks perfect. We have to pay to get in, but it's cheap. The only downside is that I think it's a little far out there. But if all goes well, we only have to go once. And the cool thing is, I think I've actually been there before. @_@ But anyway.

I was thinking we could go the weekend before the Con (April 2nd and 3rd), since we're sure to have our costumes done by then. Sound good to everyone?

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;o [07 Mar 2005|06:43pm]

Just for kicks...Collapse )
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Cosplay Weekend [06 Mar 2005|07:57pm]

[ mood | productive ]

Cait and I were discussing good weekends to hold another cosplay weekend, and we decided on the weekend of March 18th - yes, that's the weekend of The Ring 2's release. So we thought that people can come over (to Mom's house) after school on Friday, work until the movie (which would probably be in the evening), then come home and work some more, or we can all initially meet at the movie (which would probably be soon after school is out), then come back to our house to work. Then people spend the night, stay through Saturday, then either go home that night and we can all spend Sunday doing homework, or if we - amazingly - don't have much homework, we can stay Sunday too and work. On top of that, Susie has offered to come back to help again. Since she was so helpful the first time, I see no good reason that she shouldn't come back for another few days. And there aren't any showtimes (on Yahoo! at least) for The Ring 2, so we'll have to play that much by ear. And anyone not interested in going out and seeing it can stay at Mom's and continue working. *thumbs up*

So how does that sound?

(So, Allison, that weekend will be a good weekend to work on your armor, and it seems as if the following Saturday, at Dad's, would be a good day to hopefully finish up your armor.)

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Cosplay Change [06 Mar 2005|04:10pm]

[ mood | blah ]

I decided to make an executive decision, and now Lexy is cosplaying Tohru, instead of Rin, and we're dropping Kami altogether. I doubt there's going to be a whole lot of opposition, but...still. Lexy was ready and willing to do Tohru - she wants to get started right away, so I told her to go for it. She's already started looking at patterns and pictures for making a uniform. I think we can count on her.

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ChronicD username + password [06 Mar 2005|11:02am]

[ mood | hungry ]

For anyone that was wondering, here's the username and password to the ChronicD members only section.

Username: chronicd
Password: cosplay

Yeah, so that's also an update on the website in general. I put up drafts of pages for you guys to take a look at, and I'm considering putting up a form so that you guys can more easily submit changes (let me know if you think that's unnecessary or not). And if I missed anyone or anyone's costumes, please let me know, and I'm sorry I forgot you. ._. But you know me. I think that's about it. The page on the site kinda explains a bit more. So yeah.

Malyssa, you're still doing Kid, right? I haven't heard about her in a while. Are you going to have time to finish her? She has a fairly easy costume, but... Just wondering.

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Awesome cosplayers. [27 Feb 2005|05:44pm]

[ mood | ;o ]

Take a gander at these.

I got them off of this site, which incidentally has group members coming to Sakura-Con this year. The site is all in Japanese and hell to register for (which you have to do if you want to see the pictures full-sized), so if you want to muck around with it, there's the link. ;3 I managed to register (after a lot of swearing and such), so if you want me to look for pictures of a particular character or from a particular show, tell me and I will. It's fun. X3

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Cosplay Skit [27 Feb 2005|02:24pm]

Alright, I ran this through with Rei and she liked it and told me to post it here, so here you go: This is the cosplay skit 'Lissa and I came up with last night. It's not final or anything, just an idea. Tell us what you think. ^_^

P.S. I know we have no Hatori, but the line was too damn good.

Furuba Skit…?Collapse )
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Cosplay Get-together [18 Feb 2005|10:11pm]

[ mood | tired ]

So, I believe what we all agreed on is Monday through Wednesday being our cosplay days this week. Aunt (bitch) Susie is coming on Sunday (night, I think), and will be leaving Thursday morning, so I hope Monday through Wednesday really will work for everyone. As far as I know, Malyssa can't go at all, Allison can go, Kelly can go (and will bring Mudge with her?), and Kendra is variable. So...yeah. It makes sense that everyone will spend the night Monday and Tuesday and go home Wednesday evening-ish. Bring food, all your cosplay stuff, sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, toothbrushes, etc. Maybe some movies if we want to take a break.

So, uh, tell me if you're actually coming or not.

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So, I believe what we all agreed on is Monday through Wednesday being our cosplay days this week. Aunt (bitch) Susie is coming on Sunday (night, I think), and will be leaving Thursday morning, so I hope Monday through Wednesday really will work for everyone. As far as I know, Malyssa can't go at all, Allison can go, Kelly can go (and will bring Mudge with her?), and Kendra is variable. So...yeah. It makes sense that everyone will spend the night Monday and Tuesday and go home Wednesday evening-ish. Bring food, all your cosplay stuff, sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, toothbrushes, etc. Maybe some movies if we want to take a break.

So, uh, tell me if you're actually coming or not. <_< If not enough people say they can come, then I'm telling Susie not to come afterall. >_> I don't want to deal with her for three and a half days all by myself. <_< Yeah.
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Listen up! [31 Jan 2005|07:29pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Okay, Rei and I brainstormed/borrowed these templates, the first being for our individual profiles and the second for each costume we've completed. Copy and paste the questions into an e-mail and send it to Rei.

Favorite Anime/Manga:
Why Cosplay?
First Costume:
Favorite Part About Cosplaying:
Least Favorite Part About Cosplaying:
Cons Attended:
Awards won:
If you could cosplay anyone, who would you cosplay and why?


Favorite Aspect:
Least Favorite Aspect:
Easiest Task:
Hardest Task:
Costume specific tips:
Hours to make:
Worn at:

I think they're all pretty straight-forward, but if you have questions about the...well, questions, ask either Rei or myself. ^_^; That's all!

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Photobucket [30 Jan 2005|11:02am]

This is a test post from Photobucket.com
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AnimeExpo... [28 Jan 2005|08:50pm]

[ mood | *British* ]

Well, I was surfing for anime conventions in this area, and I came across a list of anime conventions in the northwest. One of which is AnimeExpo, as you guys probably know, in Anahiem, California. I looked into it a little, and it takes place on July 1st to the 4th, and for the whole time there, it is only 45 bucks for pre-regestration until June something-or-other. ^_^ The hotel, as well, is 99 bucks a night for "four" people.
So, Rei, Caitlin and I were talking about it, and decided that I should suggest this to the group. The only problem, of course, being that it is in California. >>
It could be a last stress releiver for you guys before you go off to college. ^_^; And I think that this is before you leave, right Malyssa? Hope so. >

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Cosplay Website [27 Jan 2005|09:21pm]

[ mood | rejuvenated ]

Well, y'all, it is time to be considering what you would like to have on your profile pages. Do we want prose biographies or statistics about us (like those stupid chain letter things that keep rotating)? I, personally, like the statistics idea: less text for the visitor to scroll through, and much easier to read (visitors will be more willing to read it too). Also, start hording pictures - both in and out of costume. Basically, scholarship notebook pics would work well. I thought it would also be cool to have an image of the character being cosplayed, for comparison. Also, start writing about your Final Fantasy costume - how you went about making it, what you love about it, what you hate about it, frustrations, obstacles, how much money it cost you, how much time you spent, how much help you needed, how much stress it caused you... Basically - rant about your costume! ^_^ But be sure to include the good things too.

Let's use this post to start brainstorming and discussing ideas of what we want on the site. Here's what Kelly and I came up with during History last year:

  • Profiles
  • Costumes
  • Next Year
    • costumes in development
    • ideas for future costumes
  • Con-blog (community LJ for us to post about purely cosplay-related news)
  • general cosplaying tips
  • other costumes (pics that we've taken of cosplayers we especially liked)
  • general contact
If you have or come up with text and/or pictures that you'd like posted that aren't already here, please e-mail them to Ginga - post them here or in your own journal at your own risk. >_>

So, let's get a website up! X3
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Our Christmas Party [27 Dec 2004|11:02am]

[ mood | confused ]

When is it? @_@

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Heart of Darkness Essays [22 Dec 2004|08:49am]

[ mood | frustrated ]

I have no idea what the hell these people are saying. I've read the first three, and Achebe's essay was the only one that made any sense to me at all. The other two totally went over my head. Should we have a get-together to discuss these essays too? x_x Did anyone else understand Guerard's or Harris' essays?

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Winter Break [18 Dec 2004|09:03pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

I was asked by one or more people to post something about all of our parties and things that are hopefully going to be planned for this break. I know that on the list is a scholarship notebook get-together, a general anime meeting, at least one cosplay work day, and a trip to Uwajimaya. So, as far as I know, here's what's pending:

  • Schlarship Notebooks: Suggested to take place on the 23rd at the public library, in the conference room. Allison stopped by there to inquire a few days ago and made reservations for us to use the conference room on that day from [edit] noon to three [/edit].

  • Anime: Scheduled for this Monday at Malyssa's? I think I have my dates mixed up. The purpose is pretty much so that Jesse can hang out with us and watch anime with us. This can be combined with a cosplay work day.

  • [edit] Cosplay: It seems as if this can be any random day we feel like getting together. Kendra and Mudge still need fabric though, and Jessica and Sami may want to take part. I would like to request a camera, at least, being around the place so that we have some spiffy pics to put in Scholarship Notebooks (how impressive would that be?). Maybe even a video camera (Malyssa?) so that we can post it on the cosplay website for laughs. [/edit]

  • [edit] Uwajimaya and Pikes Place [/edit]: Kelly asked for me to plan one, for any time, before or after Christmas. So, pick a day.
As for my schedule: Cait and I are leaving for Oregon on the 26th but we won't be gone for very long, a few days. Will be back by New Years. And both Cait and I will be free on New Years to either host something or be guests somewhere else, so if you have an extra bottle of sparkling cider, feel free to claim us. ^^; We'll be at Dad's until Christmas Eve, and then at Mom's until we leave for Oregon, and then at Mom's for the rest of break. *nods*

So...ready, set, post. XP
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マリッチャ! [12 Nov 2004|12:02am]

Malyssa, if you're reading this - check your e-mail and get your butt over to my house. Or pick up your cell phone. T_T
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