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Cosplay Website

Well, y'all, it is time to be considering what you would like to have on your profile pages. Do we want prose biographies or statistics about us (like those stupid chain letter things that keep rotating)? I, personally, like the statistics idea: less text for the visitor to scroll through, and much easier to read (visitors will be more willing to read it too). Also, start hording pictures - both in and out of costume. Basically, scholarship notebook pics would work well. I thought it would also be cool to have an image of the character being cosplayed, for comparison. Also, start writing about your Final Fantasy costume - how you went about making it, what you love about it, what you hate about it, frustrations, obstacles, how much money it cost you, how much time you spent, how much help you needed, how much stress it caused you... Basically - rant about your costume! ^_^ But be sure to include the good things too.

Let's use this post to start brainstorming and discussing ideas of what we want on the site. Here's what Kelly and I came up with during History last year:

  • Profiles
  • Costumes
  • Next Year
    • costumes in development
    • ideas for future costumes
  • Con-blog (community LJ for us to post about purely cosplay-related news)
  • general cosplaying tips
  • other costumes (pics that we've taken of cosplayers we especially liked)
  • general contact
If you have or come up with text and/or pictures that you'd like posted that aren't already here, please e-mail them to Ginga - post them here or in your own journal at your own risk. >_>

So, let's get a website up! X3
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