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Well, I was surfing for anime conventions in this area, and I came across a list of anime conventions in the northwest. One of which is AnimeExpo, as you guys probably know, in Anahiem, California. I looked into it a little, and it takes place on July 1st to the 4th, and for the whole time there, it is only 45 bucks for pre-regestration until June something-or-other. ^_^ The hotel, as well, is 99 bucks a night for "four" people.
So, Rei, Caitlin and I were talking about it, and decided that I should suggest this to the group. The only problem, of course, being that it is in California. >>
It could be a last stress releiver for you guys before you go off to college. ^_^; And I think that this is before you leave, right Malyssa? Hope so. >
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