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ChronicD username + password

For anyone that was wondering, here's the username and password to the ChronicD members only section.

Username: chronicd
Password: cosplay

Yeah, so that's also an update on the website in general. I put up drafts of pages for you guys to take a look at, and I'm considering putting up a form so that you guys can more easily submit changes (let me know if you think that's unnecessary or not). And if I missed anyone or anyone's costumes, please let me know, and I'm sorry I forgot you. ._. But you know me. I think that's about it. The page on the site kinda explains a bit more. So yeah.

Malyssa, you're still doing Kid, right? I haven't heard about her in a while. Are you going to have time to finish her? She has a fairly easy costume, but... Just wondering.
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