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Cosplay Weekend

Cait and I were discussing good weekends to hold another cosplay weekend, and we decided on the weekend of March 18th - yes, that's the weekend of The Ring 2's release. So we thought that people can come over (to Mom's house) after school on Friday, work until the movie (which would probably be in the evening), then come home and work some more, or we can all initially meet at the movie (which would probably be soon after school is out), then come back to our house to work. Then people spend the night, stay through Saturday, then either go home that night and we can all spend Sunday doing homework, or if we - amazingly - don't have much homework, we can stay Sunday too and work. On top of that, Susie has offered to come back to help again. Since she was so helpful the first time, I see no good reason that she shouldn't come back for another few days. And there aren't any showtimes (on Yahoo! at least) for The Ring 2, so we'll have to play that much by ear. And anyone not interested in going out and seeing it can stay at Mom's and continue working. *thumbs up*

So how does that sound?

(So, Allison, that weekend will be a good weekend to work on your armor, and it seems as if the following Saturday, at Dad's, would be a good day to hopefully finish up your armor.)
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