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Cosplay Website

We are getting pretty close to a published website. The layout has pretty much been coded, and I'm now applying content. To take a look at the work-in-progress (meaning, there will be broken links, nonexistant images, funny colors, and other random things), go to this URL: Since publishing is getting close, I'd like to ask everyone to please at least start working on Furuba costume profiles and to think about links, tips, and things to put on the "about us" page. And were we going to do business cards? For people that take pictures? I think that'd be really cool. ._.

A reminder to Mudge and Lexy: I need to have t-shirt orders for Mello and Madeline if they want them, and profiles for them too, if they'd like to be "official" members of the group (and they are welcome to join the craziness, last I knew).

A reminder to Kelly: I want a name for our mascot. His name will be the name of Version 1.0.

Also, if anyone sees Kami at all, please remind her to send me a profile ASAP. I've already talked to her about it, so she knows about it and all, she just needs to be reminded.

Thanks, guys! (This is going to be an awesome year. ._.)

EDIT: The file format for the above link is now .php instead of .html. I'm broadening my coding horizons. Sorry for the frustration, if any.
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